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We are an independent research organisation

Our work focuses on a deeper understanding of the learning process and on promoting quality education for all. We believe that education is the key to developing society and building a better future. That is why we strive to ensure that education in the Czech Republic is modern, innovative and based on the latest scientific knowledge.


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Scio Research, s.r.o.
Pobřežní 658/34, Karlín, 186 00 Praha 8
CIN: 09503307

+420 234 705 555

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Scio Research, s.r.o.
Pobřežní 658/34, Karlín, 186 00 Praha 8

CIN: 09503307

Research organisation according to EU Commission Regulation No. 651/2014 and registered
in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C,
insert 337198



Scio Research team


Matúš Kurian

Matúš Kurian has a PhD in theoretical physics and over a decade of experience in secondary education, he's currently involved in exploring curiosity.

R1 09406 0019

Karolína Letochová

Karolína Letochová is a student of Education Studies at University College London (UCL). Her research interests include student wellbeing, the teaching profession and adolescent sleep.

Lalak Adam DSCF4057

Adam Lalák

Adam Lalák studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Cambridge in England. He researches learning autonomy, the relationship between memory and technology, and experiential pedagogy.

Klára Richterová

Více o mně


Roman Lyach

Roman Lyach graduated in Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Science of Charles University (CU). His research focuses on the topic of curiosity and inquisitiveness in children.

Fotka Velka Hanka

Hana Krulišová

Hana Krulišová graduated in mathematical analysis at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of CU. At Scio Research, she is mainly involved in the use of AI in research.

Scio Research Management


Ondřej Šteffl
visionary and initiator

Ondřej Šteffl studied mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of CU and is a candidate of science in sociology. He is involved in the search, selection and initiation of research topics.