Scio Research

Scio Research

Our research aims to deepen our understanding of the learning process so that we can better prepare children for the future.

Our mission

Independent research in education

At Scio, we have long been trying to change education to prepare for the future. Scio Research was founded with this in mind. We want to join an international community of top scientists and bring useful new insights about learning to science, to the world and to all children.

By working with the ScioSchools network, with which we are affiliated via Scio group, we have the advantage of direct access to schools and educational facilities, where we can conduct research activities. In the Czech Republic, pedagogical research is not sufficient in comparison to other countries. We believe that we will be able to change this situation and at the same time contribute to the quality of the work of ScioSchools.

  • We conduct independent research in the field of education.
  • We share our findings and research results with the general public, educators and policy makers.
  • We support the introduction of innovation into educational practice.
Research results

Our previous results

The role of pedagogical education in the work of guides in ScioSchools

The research focuses on the importance of higher pedagogical education for the work of guiding in primary ScioSchools. The aim of the research is to map:

  • In what ways is a pedagogical education in ScioSchools useful for (aspiring) guides and tour guides,
  • what do aspiring guides without pedagogical education think they are missing due to the lack of pedagogical education,
  • and what aspiring guides without a teaching background draw on when working at ScioSchools.

Role pedagogického vzdělání v práci průvodců ve ScioŠkolách - paper in Czech language (pdf)

Social wellbeing and children's learning

Quality relationships between children are one of ScioSchools' priorities. We have long worked with the hypothesis that a good social climate and a safe environment are key prerequisites for children to learn. This is reflected in our approach to children.

This research looks specifically at the relationship between the social climate in the classroom and the learning progress of children in ScioSchools. It aims to find out whether a better social climate in the classroom is associated with greater learning progress for children in the second cycle of primary ScioSchools.

Sociální wellbeing a učení dětí - paper in Czech language (pdf)

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